Who Uses PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) effects the every cell in the body and not just humans but in all mammals. PEMF Therapy (especially mid to high power machines) can increase energy in every cell, improve its function and help the cells, tissues, organs and therefore bring the body to homeostatis. If you think about that, you will realise that PEMF therapy has the potential to enhance the bodies ability to repair and recover from anything. The possibilities are almost endless. 

No therapy is magic and for a body to completely reverse disease and other conditions, (where it is possible) it requires multiple things to take place. When you get them all right you will be surprised at what the body is capable of healing.

PEMF therapy can 'kick start' the healing process but for long term success other things are also required such as nutrients (raw materials) to make new cells and to take away the things that may be damaging new cells such as environmental toxins and internal toxins (such as those created by bacteria in infected teeth  / gums etc). All of these along with the use of PEMF therapy to improve 'Voltage' within the cells (described brilliantly by Dr Jerry Tenant in his multiple books) you improve everything in body.

For this reason, PEMF therapy is used in a variety of professions. PEMF therapy is used in the following settings that we know of:

  • Hosptials
  • Doctors practices
  • Osteopaths
  • Chiropractors
  • Physio therapists
  • Sports injury specialist
  • Sports team 
  • Olympic Athletes
  • Specialist Arthritis clinics
  • Back pain clinics
  • Massage therapists
  • Dentists
  • Hose Racing stables
  • Veterinarians
  • Homes
  • Church groups

We believe that everyone should have access to proper PEMF therapy. It would vastly reduce the amount of pain killing medications people need. It would make more people able to work and live their lives to their full potential, be energetic and pain free! PEMF therapy would give older people more freedom and the ability to look after themselves for longer. Every one of the professions listed above could improve their patients out come and quality of life if they incorporated PEMF therapy into their practices.