Product Education - Learn what PEMF, Laser, Light and Superior Nutrition can do for you

Therapies such as PEMF, Laser, Light and Micro current are fast being recognised as a great way and sometimes, the only was for people with chronic pain and health issues to take back their lives.

Over the last few years, there has been an explosion in the use of technologies to help speed sports injury recovery time, reduce or even eliminate post surgical pain, acute pain after injury and even long term chronic pain.

In simple terms, when a cell is sick and not functioning to its full potential, the cell will be low on electrons, or 'low voltage' as described so well by Dr Jerry Tennant in his book 'Healing Is Voltage'.  If we can donate and stimulate the production of electrons to the cell via Pulsed electro magnetic therapy or via light therapy then we can influence the cells potential to heal in a positive way.  Add this energy to the basic raw materials (Nutrients) that every cell needs to function optimally every day and the body will show you what an astonishing ability it has to correct disease. 

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