PEMF Information

The world of PEMF or Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy is growing at an astounding rate. Although versions of PEMF have been around for decades, it is not until relatively recent times that PEMF has exploded onto the commercial market.  FDA approved in the US for healing bone fractures that simply would not heal (even after a year) and more recently for depression and for post-surgical pain, the role of PEMF in the world of medicine and the health and wellness industry has not even scratched the surface. 

The world of PEMF therapy can be extremely confusing.  Many people make claims for their PEMF devices and use anecdotal or scientific ‘evidence’ that has nothing to do with their machine. In fact PEMF varies so much that someone once told me that comparing a low power frequency PEMF systems to a high voltage ‘ringer’ device are like comparing apples to cars.

Not apples to oranges because they are not even in the same realm. While this might be stretching the analogy somewhat, the point is well made and should be noted that although many people discuss PEMF therapy and effects were generic, they are in fact not. The good news is that most devices on the market should give ‘some positive effects’ but like most things, the general rule is the more expensive the item the better / faster the results. 

To add confusion to that last statement, there has been some people selling the higher end priced machines that, although got good results, didn’t last very long due to the use of cheap components so it's worth doing your research. In the world of PEMF therapy, you will discover people attaining AMAZING results in the resolution of pain,  the rate of recovery for injuries (sports and non-sports related) and other systemic diseased states.

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