Nutritional Product Information

Electro therapies are great for encouraging and assisting the body in obtaining homeostasis and getting back to health - you only need to read some user testimonials - there is something else the body needs to achieve full health. Quite simply put, the body needs the raw materials (nutrients) to make new, healthy cells.  Although often over looked, especially in the mainstream, nutrient deficiencies are rife in modern society and are the root cause of many chronic diseases. 

In his book "Healing is voltage" Dr Jerry Tenant describes in great detail, not only how technologies such as PEMF, micro current and light are needed by the body, how energy (electrons) are used by cells and how they travel around the body, but also how the body needs the raw materials to replace old broken, sick cells with new healthy cells. Dr Tenant lists many nutrients and what they are needed for in the body so that it can function optimally. Check out the links below for more information.

Who Needs To supplement?