About us

Health Smart Technology was created with a vision to help people heal in an effective and non-addictive way.


In life, we are taught to expect the unexpected. We often hear terms such as “anything can happen” and to “be careful”, so we do our best to take necessary safety precautions. It isn't until you experience an unpleasant event that we look at those words with different meaning then before. If you are an athlete or involved in a physical job or any labour-intensive activity, you put your body at a higher risk for injury. Managing an injury can be frustrating, especially if the healing process is extended. In the majority of cases, treatments are given that can take more time then we were hoping, and are typically accompanied with medications that can leave displeasing long term affects.


With Health Smart Technology, we make it our mission to provide the very latest technology to help you achieve the greatest level of natural health and wellness possible. Our products help speed the recovery time of an injury and encourage post- surgery healing. PEMF, Laser, Light and Micro Currents have become known methods of allowing patients to live a healthy, stable life. Each product has a specific structure to target the exact injury with the appropriate recuperation method. We make it our goal to be sure that every client is given the absolute best possible method for their healing and assist them on the quickest road to recovery.


We are a technology based system, so our devices are meant for safe and  non-addictive convalescence. Many current pain medications leave a patient with unfortunate addictions and dependencies, causing other serious issues and healing complications. With Health Smart Technology, we put our patient’s health first, both physically and mentally. We ensure safety and success with our top of the line products, ensuring the best care for our clients.

Our products range from apps and social networks to robots and complex simulators. But they all share a common goal: to leverage new technology to fix an old industry.